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Commentary No. 115 - 17 January, 2009


Over the past 10 years since our website started, we have had the privilege of reviewing a number of outstanding Canadian stamp collections. The names are well known in the stamp community and, as we reviewed them, it made us realize how international the interest in our stamps is. For this we are most fortunate. We plan to keep this report up to date as we review other “name” collections appearing at future auctions. Click on the auction of your choice and enjoy the achievements of some of the giants of our hobby.

Auction House
Date Reviewed
The "Libra" Collection - 1908 Quebec Tercentenary Eastern 31 Dec., 2011
The "Hugh Westgate" Collection - 1898 Map Stamp Eastern 31 Dec., 2011
The “Loch” Collection of Canada’s Pence Set Firby
17 April, 2010
The "Crossings" Collection Eastern
23 Jan., 2010
William Gross Collection of BNA Spink-Shreves
19 Nov., 2009
The S. J. Menich Collection of Canada’s Large Queens
17 Nov., 2009
The “Harbour” Collection of Canada’s Large Queens Firby
17 Oct., 2009
The "Harbour" Collection of Canada Pence Set Firby
8 Sept., 2009
Herb McNaught colllection of ½ cent Small Queens Firby
April 25, 2009
The Dave Robert’s Collection Maresch
March 17, 2009
The Mount Royal Collection - part III Harmer
Jan 21, 2009
Sam Nickle Collection Firby
Oct 17, 2008
The Mount Royal Collection - part II Harmer
Oct 8, 2008
Carey Fox Collection Harmer
Sept 17, 2008
The Mount Royal Collection – part I Harmer
May 22,2008
Dale & Lichtenstein Collection Harmer
Sept 17, 2007
Lewis Reford Collection Harmer
Aug 17, 2007
William Gross Collection of UK stamps Shreves
Jun 16, 2007
The “Astoc” King Edward VII Collection Firby
Mar 9, 2007
Michael Robert’s Collection Eastern
Dec 1, 2006
Dr. Choi-Lok Tang Collection Shreves
Sept 30, 2006
The“Malibu” Collection Bennett
May 30, 2006
Sir Gawaine Baillie Collection – part I Sothebys
May 10, 2006
Sir Gawaine Baillie Collection – part II Sothebys
May 10, 2006
Sir Gawaine Baillie Collection – part III Sothebys
May 10, 2006
Duane Hilmer Gold Collection Sothebys
Feb 17, 2006
Jim Hennok Collections Eastern
Oct 28, 2005
Dr. K. M. Rosenfeld Collection Firby
Jun 18, 2005
The“Midland” Collection Firby
Jan 24, 2004
Horace Harrison Collection of Registered Stamps Lee
Oct 25, 2003
James W. Goss Collection of the Arch Issue Firby
Jun 29, 2003
John J. Gaudio Collection of Revenue Stamps Lee
May 11, 2002
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Old Auction Catalogues
Of Name Collections Wanted

Some of these collections appeared at auction many years ago. Even though they are old, they may be of special interest when they contain outstanding single copies of rare stamps or blocks and other multiples that have since been broken up.

If any of you, our viewers, have copies of old auction catalogues that feature other outstanding “name” collections that you would be willing to lend to us for a week or two, we would be more than pleased to use your catalogues to do a write up of that collection and thank you for your help. Just let us know by clicking on this link or the “Please Contact Us” on our Home Page and send us a message. We thank you in advance.

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