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Commentary No. 110 - 17 August, 2008

A Tribute to the Late Bill Maresch

I first met Bill Maresch in 1973 when attending one of his auctions in Toronto. I can remember the excitement of going to my first auction and being in awe of the proceedings. I didn’t dare place a bid until I had been there for at least an hour and even then it was with great trepidation that I raised my hand for the first time.

It took me a few years of contact to get to know Bill and to become aware of how knowledgeable and passionate he was about stamps and stamp auctions. In 1975, my wife and I moved to Toronto in connection with my work and this gave me the opportunity to meet with Bill fairly regularly and gain from his wide experience. It was always a great pleasure to visit his office to meet with him and his staff. Three years later I was moved back to Montreal, but fortunately the connection had been made and I stayed in touch until his untimely death this June.

One area stamps I always associated with Bill was the Large Queen set. His auctions featured some of the most beautiful examples from this set I have ever seen and so in this tribute to him we present some of the best Large Queens which passed through his hands.

Thomas R. Burpee, President
Canadian Stamp Auctions
Montreal, Canada.

R. Maresch & Son
The Best of the Large Queens
1995 – 2008

One Half Cent

Scott 21
Black, perf. 12

Scott 21a
Black, Perf. 11½ x 12
Scott 21b
Ex Firth & Lindsay

Scott 21iii
Scott 21vi
The “Chignon Variety”
On thin paper
Grey black shade


One Cent

Scott 22
Scott 22a
Brown red

Scott 22b
Thin crisp paper
The first printing

Scott 22i
Thick soft white blotting paper

One Cent

Scott 23
Yellow orange

Scott 23a
Scott 23var
Deep yellow orange
The first printing
Pale yellow orange on
thin soft white wove paper

Two Cents

Scott 24

Scott 24b
Scott 24ii
Deep green on crisp thin paper
Blue green on whiter paper


Three Cents

Scott 25

Scott 25b
Scott 25var
Thin paper
Imperforate single Ex Lussey

Scott 26

Scott 26
Olive green
Perf. 11½ x 12

Scott 26a
Scott 26iv
Perf. 12
Olive green - Perf. 11¾ x 12


Scott 27

Scott 27
Dark brown

Scott 27a
Scott 27c
Yellow brown - Plate 1
Thin paper

Scott 27f
Black brown on thin paper

Scott 28

Scott 28

Scott 28i
Scott 28iii
Milky blue
Brilliant blue on soft white,
almost blotting paper.
Ex H. Harrison & Siverts


Scott 29

Scott 29
Scott 29a
Grey violet
Greyish purple, perf. 11½ x 12, with streaky gum


Scott 29d
Brown purple, imperforate pair
With imprint


Scott 30

Scott 30
Scott 30b
Deep blue grey,
showing the “Balloon flaw”

Scott 30c
Deep violet on very thick paper
Ex Julian Smith


Scott 30d
Scott 30e
Greenish grey with script
watermark at bottom
Deep grayish blue


Scott 30i
Slate grey

Scott 31

Scott 31
Printed on laid paper

Scott 33

Scott 33
Printed on laid paper

Please note that the colours of the images which have been taken from various catalogues are at times inconsistent. The Maresch catalogues only became fully coloured in 1995, so our survey has had to begin with that year. We wish we could have started earlier as we have all their catalogues back to 1973, but the images were printed in black and white in those earlier days.

The stamp auction business is not an easy one, but that didn’t deter Bill Maresch from following in his own father’s footsteps and then later bringing his two sons Tony and Peter into the business with him. These three generations have a proud history of directing one of Canada’s leading stamp auctioneering firms, one which we sincerely hope will continue to flourish for years to come.

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