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Commentary No. 11 - 17 July, 2000

Summer - Vacation Time

We have just come through a busy spring and early summer season with many auctions taking place.  It has kept us very busy, but - now we are taking a breather.

We are happy to see what appears to be a thriving and healthy auction scene.  Last year saw the arrival of Ron Brigham Auctions and this year Bill Longley and his Longley Auctions.  Our website grows steadily, both in content and number of viewers. 

It is wonderful to see so much innovation taking place.  Bill Maresch came out with a new sized catalogue earlier this year.  He now has his prices up very soon after each auction.  Ian Kimmerly posts the bids he receives even before his auction takes place.  Ron Brigham has engaged Charles Verge to prepare a commentary at the beginning of each catalogue.  Charles Firby has hooked up to Stamp Auction Central in the U.S. to post his prices.  Eastern Auctions keeps redesigning its web site as new ideas occur.  Bill Longley offers starter sets in his auction.  We see lots of imagination and ideas perculating and expect continuous new developments as the auction houses discover the great opportunities offered by the internet.

Our major objective in July will be to review the prices realised during the first six months of 2000 in order to update our statistics and analyse the current trends.  All of this will be reported to you in the next month or so.

We wish you all a fantastic summer and happy vacations!

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