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Commentary No. 103 - 17 January, 2008

The Best Stamps of 2007

While 2007 was an excellent year for Canadian stamp auctions, it was not able to match 2006. The likely reason is that, in 2006, a greater number of outstanding Canadian collections were offered. One only has to think of some of the well known names, Sir Gawaine Baillie, Dr. Choi-Loc Tang and Michael Roberts. These three collections alone produced 140 new record prices, an amazing achievement.

Nonetheless, the number of new record prices in 2007 did reach 160, greatly outstripping all previous years other than 2006. The pace of strong prices continued throughout the year and actually gained momentum in the final months.

Here are the numbers

New Record Prices

Once again, it is our pleasure to offer some of the finest stamps offered by the auction houses whose sales we covered in 2007:


Scott 9ii
23 October, 2007
Scott 21vi
19 June, 2007


Scott 39b
23 October, 2007
Scott 47i
23 October, 2007



Scott 20i
23 June, 2007
Scott 42
21 February, 2007


Scott 39
12 December, 2007
Scott 83
24 March, 2007


Scott 4a
9 May, 2007
Scott 20a
24 January, 2007


Scott 22a
24 January, 2007
Scott 53
21 March, 2007



Scott 9xxxv
9 March, 2007
Scott 25a
9 March, 2007

Scott 4iii,9a
14 June, 2007

Matthew Bennett

Scott 1
21 February, 2007
Scott 25iii
21 February, 2007


Scott 42i
16 December, 2007


Scott 29
12 April, 2007
Scott 35i
12 April, 2007


Scott 38
12 April, 2007
Scott 75
12 April, 2007



Scott 12
27 April, 2007
Scott E1a
27April, 2007


Scott 21b
9 June, 2007
Scott 33
9 June, 2007

Scott 36f
9 June, 2007


Scott 26a
8 November, 2007

Scott 53
8 November, 2007

Scott 24iv
8 November, 2007

Driving the market was a lot of cash resources in a few hands. Our viewers will be aware of the large bonuses received by corporate executives, the substantial amounts of cash received by shareholders and senior officers on corporate takeovers here and abroad, the huge amount of wealth associated with the oil industry. What happens with all that money? Some of it is often is invested in real estate, art, gold, coins, fine furniture and other collectibles. One only has to look at the amazing prices mentioned at an average Antiques Road Show. There seems to be no limit.

While there may be no limit today, this may not be the case tomorrow. Problems in the US housing market are a good example of investments that have not fared well. Foreign holders of US dollars haven’t done much better. The stamp field is an unregulated market which makes it all the more prone to ups and downs. And as we have mentioned before, when the stamp market goes down, it usually stays down for a long time, sometimes as much as a decade.

What does all this mean? For some it can mean, be sure to get good advice when buying a valuable stamp. Make sure of the quality and make sure of the price. For others it can mean, don’t hang onto your stamps forever. You may be missing a golden opportunity to sell at a time when prices are high.

In closing, we would like to salute a man who used his stamps for the benefit of others. Mr.Bill Gross, Chief Investment Officer of PIMCO in the US and his wife, sold their outstanding collection of British stamps and donated the proceeds of $9.1 million to Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières. What an example they are!

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