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20 January, 2006

Who Bids at Auctions for Canadian Stamps?

Do you sometimes wonder who participates in the auctions that our Canadian auction houses conduct during the year? The auction catalogues they produce feature stamps from all over the world in addition to the Canadian stamps. Does this just attract Canadian collectors or non-Canadians as well?

An insight into this question is given in the recent information released by Eastern Auctions Ltd. of Bathurst NB, one of Canada’s leading auctioneers. They have just announced the winners of their winter contest from amongst their clients. Look where the winners come from:

First prize - England

Second prize - USA

Third prize - USA

Fourth prize was awarded to 25 individuals from :

- USA (17)
- Canada (6)
- The Netherlands (1)
- Israel (1)

Clearly this Canadian auction house has an international clientele!

Eastern’s January 25, 2006 sale – outstanding U.S. material

Eastern has a significant number of U.S. clients. These collectors will find Eastern’s upcoming mail sale on January 25, 2006 of special interest. It contains the most outstanding group of early U.S. stamps that we have seen in some time in a Canadian auction. What’s noticeable about these early U.S. stamps and is that so many of them are well centered. This is rare and makes the stamps a remarkable offering.

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