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Special Commentary - 14 October, 2009

Outstanding Stamps in Upcoming Auctions

The past month’s auction activity has been unusually quiet. In this period last year, we had already reviewed 5 different sales compared to only 1 this year. There have been a couple of U.S. sales involving Canadian material in the past month, but unfortunately the offerings were not of the usual high quality.

On the other hand, coming up in the month of October, we note that some outstanding material is to be offered. Collectors are being given wonderful choices. We offer below a number of examples:

Vance Auctions - October 15, 2009

This is their biggest auction in 30 years with over 8000 lots.

Lot 6103
Unitrade 88B
Catalogue $25,000

The rare “Port Hood”overprint
Only faint traces remain of the overprint
Ex Ferrary, comes with 3 Certificates of Authentication
Realized $8,450

Lot 6239
Scott 135a
Catalogue $600
Lot 6323
Scott 176a NH
Catalogue $1,500
No Sale
Realized $ 1,900

Lot 6568
Unitrade 1376b,1376vi
Catalogue $34,000
Vertical inverted centre gutter strip of 3
No Sale

R. Maresch & Son - October 21, 2009

This sale had its strength in the later 19th Century material.

Lot 352
Unitrade 36i NH
Estimate $200
Lot 379
Unitrade 42 NH
Catalogue $900
Realized $210
Realized $750

Lot 399
Scott 53
Estimate $100
Realized $400

Lot 450
Unitrade 71 NH
Catalogue $600
Lot 953
Unitrade MR2D NH
Catalogue $1,400
Realized $525
Realized $1,550

Lot 585
Scott 157
Estimate $150
Realized $60

Eastern Auctions Ltd. – October 23, 2009

Lot 494
Unitrade 3
Catalogue $225,000

An outstanding copy with large margins and a prominent re-entry at right.
Ex E.Carey Fox and Sam C. Nickle
Realized $80,000

Lot 513
Unitrade 25 LH
Catalogue $2,500
Lot 524
Unitrade 46 NH
Catalogue $2,400
Realized $1,400
Realized $2,200

Lot 538
Unitrade 75
Catalogue $180
Lot 659
Unitrade 126
Estimate $100
Realized $220
Realized $230

Saskatoon Stamp Centre
Sales brochure dated October 2, 2009

This well known dealer, located in Saskatchewan, had many rare items in its latest sales brochure, including these two beauties:

Lot 040
Unitrade 582-3 var1
Offered at $1,695

An interpaneau gutter pair with parts of imprints from two adjoining panes. Folded on perfs. Likely from an uncut sheet via printer’s back door. One of the finest of the few known. Ex “JAL” and G.D. Mass. Two other similar strips were offered. Unitrade reports that eight of these interpanneau gutter pairs exist.

Lot 78
Unitrade 1259ai
Offered at $14,950
Imperforate vertically error booklet.
Ex “JAL” and Ure Collections


We look forward to seeing how the stamps do at auction and will provide our usual reports when the sales are completed

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