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Special Commentary
1 February, 2006

Remarkable New Record Price
for an Admiral Coil
(Scott 123)

Bow City Philatelics
8 Oct., 2005

Lot 2617
Catalogue $360
Realized $800

Almost unnoticed, a Scott 123 coil pair sold at a Bow City auction last October for $800. When we were first advised of the price by Bruce Craw of Bow City by e-mail, we found it so unusual that we decided to call him to check the information. He confirmed the price and said many bids had been received for this pair.

How significant is this price? Our records indicate that only five pairs of Scott 123 have sold at auction since 2001, and none since 2002. The best price in that period was $475. The price for the pair shown above is almost double that amount.

Of all the Admiral coils, Scott 123 and 124 have the highest catalogue values. We reviewed the prices realized for all the coils of the Admiral set over the past ten years. The best price paid for a pair was $575 for a pair of Scott 130b in 2004. So this means that this $800 is the best price for not only Scott 123, but for all the coils.

For all of 2005, we recorded 76 new record prices for Canadian stamps. Of these, 15, or 20%, were for Admirals. This set is truly popular. It has an unusually large number of varieties, was in use for fourteen years, and has been written about extensively. We expect interest in this set, by bidders and collectors, to continue in 2006 and future years.

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