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Special Commentary - 8 May, 2004

The New Scott 2005 Catalogue - Volume 1

The first in the series of Scott catalogues was published in April and has just become available in Canada. Volume 1 covers the U.S., U.N. and countries beginning with the letters A - B. Volume 2, which includes Canada, will be available sometime this month.

We had a good look at Volume 1 and the Press Release which accompanied it. Here are some of the highlights:

1. There are 25,000 price increases in Volume 1
2. 5369 of these increases are for U.S. stamps
3. The gap between the prices for hinged and no hinged stamps is growing
4. Stamp prices are being affected by currency changes

We expect that some, if not all, of the trends referred to above will be found in Volume 2. This should be of great interest to collectors of Canadian stamps. When the new volume appears, we will issue a quick review and, in due course, a more in depth analysis.

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