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11 January, 2006

Help Wanted by Maple Leaf Specialist

Ken Kershaw, Professor Emeritus at McMaster University in Ontario has asked us for help. We hope that any of you who are in a position to help will do so.

Ken is working on several Canadian philatelic research projects and plans to publish his findings. He describes the material he is looking for as follows:


Scott 66

½¢ Maple Leaf - right hand pane of the 3rd printing. This may be no longer available but if you have a RH pane examine position 81 in the LL corner of the sheet. If the RH spandrel neat line (which is the line running round the edge of the spandrel), is doubled singly at the top, it is the 3rd printing. In the 4th printing there is a double re-entry and the neat line is trebled at the top. In the first 2 printings there is no doubling at all.


Scott 77

2¢ Numeral - plates 15b-16b – large blocks or pieces or the whole sheet, or even singles if the re-touch is outstanding. The upper right hand frame was originally very weak and was re-touched by hand for the 2nd printings. Each is thus unique and potentially can be plated.

He then continues:

Prince Edward Island

I am continuing working on plating the PEI series of stamps. Scott #9 I have already fully plated and it is ready to be finalized ready for publication. The remaining PEI stamps I still need either to purchase or to borrow in order to scan and archive positional images.

PENCE SERIES: Scott Nos. 4-8: 1d, 2d, 3d, 6d & 9d.

CENT SERIES: Scott Nos. 11-16: 1¢, 2¢, 3¢, 4¢, 6¢ & 12¢.

If you are in a position to assist in this research project, please contact Ken Kershaw directly as follows:

Tel: 1-905-648-1991

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