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Special Commentary - 23 March, 2004

Charles G. Firby's New Web Site

We recently had a look at the new Firby stamp auction website and were very impressed.

It has all of the features our viewers would appreciate in such a site such as: contact information, details of past sales and how to participate in future sales. There also are some additional features we thought worth mentioning:

• Lists of prices realized in the two previous auctions.

• A helpful schedule of links that can be easily accessed

• A list of of past auction catalogues that are still available for sale. Many of these are of specialized collections and contain valuable research material.

• A preview of some items from the firm's next sale.

• Details of their appraisal services

In the past, Firby posted its auction information on the website of the Stamp Auction Network in the U.S. There, it competed for space with many other auction houses and only a limited amount of information could be presented. Now that Firby has its own website, collectors can quickly get details of the firm's past and future sales and it can gradually expand the information and services it provides.

Please click here to go to their new website.

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