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Special Commentary - 21 May, 2008

The New Scott 2009 Catalogue – Just Arrived !

We picked up the new Scott Catalogue at Darnell’s in Montreal on May 12th. The cost this year was $87, down from $95 last year.

A quick glance through the pages shows that almost all prices are up. It reminds us of the catalogues that came out in the late 1970s where similar increases were seen across the board. Here are some of the winners in this year’s catalogue:

12 penny black
6p Albert on wove paper
3p Red - perf. 12
3 Large Queen
5 Small Queen 11½ x 12
2 Map
50 Admiral imperf. pair
1 Scroll imperf. pair
5 Hare imperf. pair
71 Chestnut 14½ x 14

Scott states that the changes in this year’s issue reflect both strong demand for Canadian stamps as well as a strong Canadian currency. Here’s how they put it:

“If the 5,505 value changes in Canada suggest to the reader that almost every value in the country must have changed, that would be a correct supposition. When the 2008 Volume 2 was revalued, the Canadian dollar was worth approximately 85¢ in U.S. funds. Today, the two currencies essentially are on par. That is almost a 20% rise in the value of the Canadian dollar versus the U.S. dollar.

When this currency situation combines with a fairly active market for a country, especially in the rarer classics, some startling value increases result. The 3p red beaver stamp of 1851 on laid paper, Scott 1, increases to $27,500 unused and $1,150 used, from $20,000 unused and $950 used in the 2008 Volume 2. The 12p black Queen Victoria, Scott 3, rises to $110,000 unused and $85,000 used from $80,000 unused and $60,000 used last year.

Significant value increases continue through the difficult early issues of Canada. Beginning with the 1897 Jubilee issue, value increases are somewhat smaller, but are still universal……… all in all, Canada collectors will want to pay close attention to this year’s value changes.”

A full analysis of the changes will be provided in our Commentary No. 108 which will appear here on June 17, 2008.

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